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Published on: August 17, 2015

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As a motion graphics package, Adobe After Effects is known for its power in combining and compositing disparate images into one cohesive piece of video. One aspect of After Effects that eludes many users is its ability to create 3D animations.

Many After Effects users are adept at using the software package’s ability to animate elements in 3D space, but more often than not, it’s what is referred to as 2.5D. 2.5D is the use of flat, two-dimensional elements in three-dimensional space. The resulting animation gives the illusion of depth because of parallaxing and a consistent perspective throughout the composition. A little used function of After Effects is its ability to create and animate true 3D objects, objects that possess height, width and depth. After Effects is able to render true 3D objects, light and shadows through a process known as ray tracing.

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