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Published on: January 6, 2015

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If you’ve been following business and tech trends in the last decade, you know that user experience (UX) is a fast and furiously growing, and ever-important field. Companies are hiring scads of UX professionals to help them understand their users and craft positive experiences for the audience. We traditionally think of utilizing UX in the context of building websites, applications, and products, but the basic tenets of UX can be helpful in crafting almost any experience.

Enter job search. Yes, landing a job is yet another place to apply basic UX tenets, with the goal of better outcomes (like securing that gig that you’re dreaming about).

Let me explain: User experience is all about understanding and catering to the end user, regardless of what’s being built. In a job search, the end user is your potential employer. Crafting your resume, portfolio, and communications around your potential employer can help you land your dream job, no matter your background.

Let’s take a look at the main tenets of UX and how they can be applied to your job search; user research, content strategy, design, and testing.

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