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Published on: January 25, 2022

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With these 5 tutorials, you will improve the quality of your projects in Adobe Photoshop Enhance your experience with this image editing software, learning how to make the most of each of its tools and functions. For that, we share five practical tutorials that will help you master Adobe Photoshop much more efficiently and quickly. Tutorial: 6 Great Brushes for Digital Painting Using Adobe Photoshop for digital illustration is one of the most common applications of this software, which allows artists, creatives and designers of all levels to build characters, scenarios and objects out of their imagination. The use of custom brushes can also give extra character to our drawings and illustrations. In the following video tutorial, character designer Joel Santana (@themaddhattr) shares his favorite Adobe Photoshop brushes for digital painting. Santana uses them for creative tasks ranging from sketching to color application, and they give a good example of the wide variety of textures offered by Photoshop custom brushes. Find out below:

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