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Published on: November 8, 2017

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Once in a while, I just have to try something new. Maybe I feel my skills are slipping. Maybe I want to jumpstart the neurons responsible for my creativity. Maybe I’m bored. There are a lot of good reasons to take on a design challenge, really. Here are some more: You can add conceptual designs to your portfolio. You can blog about your experiences, and advertise your skills in doing so. You can take on a design challenge with other designer friends, and perhaps compete. You can gain a greater understanding of the technology you use. The point is to do something differently from the way you usually do things. Change for its own sake isn’t always advisable, but trying new things is how we grow as designers, and as people. Just maybe don’t do any of these challenges on a client’s site unless you’re absolutely sure they’ll like it. 1. Try to Build Something New This is actually my personal go-to challenge. I try to build something—usually something to do with layout—that I haven’t built

Source: 7 Design Challenges to Sharpen Your Skills | Webdesigner Depot

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