• AIGA See Change Conference

    The See Change Conference was christened last year when Nigel Holmes walked on water. And that was just the beginning. Don’t miss the second annual See Change Conference, May 19 – 21 at the University of Minnesota, Twin

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  • One Day For Design

    On April 13, 2011, add your voice to an open, digital dialogue on design. One Day For Design brings together a global community of designers and design enthusiasts to exchange ideas, challenge viewpoints and push

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  • Typeface

    Typeface Typeface focuses on a rural Midwestern museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique. Open Book in Minneapolis

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  • Transparent Backgrounds on Print

    We had a discussion in Adv. DTP class regarding transparent backgrounds on print/publishing images -my advise is EPS with a clipping path but there in another choices of transparency depending on the publishing you’re

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  • Printing with black

    Here is a great article on printing with black. It talks about designer black and rich black which uses additional colors to make blacks in print because using just the black channel is often too flat and light.

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  • Pantone announces 2011 color of the year

    “In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going.” –Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute PANTONE 18-2120

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  • Industry day speakers Video

    On Wednesday Nov 3rd we were fortunate enough to have speakers come in from Visual Communications Industry related fields to present to our students. One speaker, Lee Stokes, spoke on photo compositing (examples of his work in

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  • GraphExpo2010

    GraphExpo is held every year in Chicago. I am always amazed at the size and scope of the expo and this year was no different. The Printing Industry of America along with the Graphic Arts Show Company and Graphic Arts Education/

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  • Not your instructors yearbook . . .

    Jostens, Inc., Minneapolis has introduced Personal Yearbook Pages, (TM) a revolutionary new yearbook application that creates a more inclusive yearbook by giving every student the ability to create personalized yearbook pages

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  • Design Contest

    May or may not be the thing for you but here is a design contest link . Anyone have any more to add as a comment?

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