Here’s what we did this week

Published on: September 19, 2015

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Thought I would try some new content and tell you what my classes are up to this week.

  • JavaScript for Designers, we learned how to use a variable to collect someones name and output it to the page dynamically with document.write. Makes it much more personal for the user.
  • Multimedia I, we learned how to create an animation inside animation so our characters have have a flying or walking loop as they move across the stage.
  • Graphic Design Fundamentals, we learned about point, line, plane, and volume. Elements that help us create images and layouts that communicate by how we choose to use and create them.
  • 3D modeling andAnimation, we moved on to complex shapes created with boolean subtraction and modifiers like bend that allow us to really taylor and enhance the 3d logos we are designing.
  • Technical Foundations, we went through the basics of the Mac operating system for those who had primarily PC backgrounds. It will help us navigate in our mac classrooms a bit better.
  • Web Page Construction I, we are covering image optimization so we don’t overload our pages more than necessary.
  • Web Page Construction II, we looked at pseudo-selectors like nth-child(even) in css so we could make every other line in a table a different color.

Every week is a new adventure on our path to becoming Graphic and Web designers.


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