Saying No: The One Habit All Creatives Need To Adopt

Published on: May 2, 2015

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If the very notion of having a health work-life balance makes you snort, it’s probably because you, like a lot of creative individuals, view being overcommitted not just as a necessity for your own success, but also a badge of honor. We roll into meetings, bragging about how little we slept. We get up earlier and earlier and stay up later and later, cramming in entirely too many activities, committees, and side projects. And while we know that these additional sources of income both feed our artistic spirit and fuel the economy in a not-insignificant way, they also have the very-real ability to burn us out. Doing some hustling on the side — whether it’s writing, photography, music, or any kind of creative pursuit — makes you a better worker and a more productive person, but when you find yourself saying yes to so many things you’re barely able to keep up, it’s time to adopt a new habit: Saying no.

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