There Are Discounts!

Published on: August 24, 2010

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VCOM students planning to purchase photo equipment or software should keep in mind that there are discounts if you know where to look. 

Academic software from Microsoft, Adobe and others is available from DCTC, just go to the page and scroll to the very bottom to see the discount link.  Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.0 are especially interesting to photo students.  Unique Software, a local company in Eagan, also sells academic software at a very similar discount.

Items like tripods, studio lights, light meters, light stands and camera cases have great discounts through the program called MAC on CAMPUS.   Brochures and prices lists are available in photo 1-105 and online at .  A tripod, for example, could be 40% cheaper through this program as compared to National Camera. 

Even some online suppliers like B and H Photo give 5-15% discounts to students so be sure to have your student ID card handy.

See your instructors for more details on either of these discount programs.

One Response to There Are Discounts!

  1. Darrell T says:

    NEW CATALOGS for the discount programs arrived today ( Sept 13th) and some will be available on the magazine rack in the lounge of 1-105. Check it out!